Find Suppliers of Myanmar Coffee


It was in 1885 when coffee was first introduced in Myanmar, formerly Burma with the establishment of some small farms around the city of Pyin Oo Lwin by the missionaries. Initially, commercial production didn’t take place, and when the British left, the coffee business moved into a kind of imposed hibernation.


At present, Myanmar coffee is almost exclusively Arabica. It is grown in Shan State, Mandalay Region, Kayin State, and Chin State. The Myanmar coffee Supplier is now busy supplying the best-known brands of coffee that include Genius, Greenland coffee, and Sithar.


Genius coffee, which is a high-quality organic coffee, is processed with cherries collected from small farms in Ywa Ngan in Shan State. It is exported to Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore.


Green Coffee, which is frequently a single origin, is roasted and expensive. Sithar Coffee is Myanmar’s Crop to Cup Coffee and is being an expert since 1996. Sithar presently serves more than 1000 accounts across 45 cities in Myanmar.


Myanmar coffee is a tough product to get. The northern part of the country where it is grown through a rigorous process includes roasting coffee, then cooling and grinding the pieces in a kiln.

Read about the source options for the special blend of coffee.

The best option for sourcing Myanmar coffee is to buy it directly from the cultivators who keep on growing their coffee under the most rigorous conditions. Normally, they grow their coffee in smallholder farms without the use of fertilizers and insecticides, allowing them to cultivate the coffee closer to its natural environment. Many farmers also produce conventional shade-grown coffee trees, which are thought to be the most sustainable.


Another option for buying this specialty coffee is to visit a farm or plantation where the Myanmar coffee Supplier cultivates their coffee on their property. The visit to an actual plantation ground will almost certainly help you to find the best coffee that you have ever tasted. It is grown without chemical fertilizers and other pest control products.


The firms of these types are very small and controlled by the sole farmer, although the larger operation is found throughout the country. If you are a coffee lover and want to visit a coffee farm, then visit your nearby farms.


It may seem hard to believe, but some of the Myanmar coffee Supplier companies in the U.S. export superior quality Myanmar coffee. Interestingly, many coffee companies do not have employees. They, on the other hand, simply hire employees from coffee-growing regions across the world and ship the coffee over when they are ready to sell it. This allows them to provide their customers with the freshest and highest quality product possible. Because of the many advantages of using suppliers from other countries, many people feel it is better to buy their regular coffee from suppliers rather than directly getting it from coffee plantations in Myanmar.