Buying Organic Myanmar Coffee

August 2, 2021 , Myanmar Coffee

Myanmar coffee is a hard product to come by. It comes from the northern part of the country where it is grown under a rigorous process that includes roasting coffee beans on a spit to remove most of the moisture, then cooling and grinding the pieces in a kiln. Although the production may be difficult, it also means the coffee is full of flavor and aroma, which are two factors all quality consumers seek. This article will focus on information regarding sourcing options for this special blend of coffee.

The best option for sourcing Myanmar coffee is to buy it directly from growers themselves. For the most part, they are the best resources for locating farmers who continue to grow their coffee under the most stringent conditions possible. Typically, they will grow their coffee in smallholder farms without the use of fertilizers and insecticides, allowing them to cultivate the coffee closer to its natural environment. In addition to the lack of chemicals, they also avoid the use of chlorine, which can destroy the soil and kill many insects, as well as contributing to the poor air quality in many areas. Many farmers also grow traditional shade-grown coffee trees, which are considered the most sustainable.

Another option for buying this specialty coffee is to visit a farm or plantation that grows coffee on their own property. If you are lucky enough to visit an actual plantation, you will probably find it is the best coffee you have ever tasted. It will likely have been grown without the use of chemical fertilizer and pest control products, which are common in the coffee industry. Many of these farms are very small and operated by a single farmer, although larger operations can also be found throughout the country. If you are able to visit a coffee growing farm yourself, your best bet is to choose those farms that are located within 30 minutes of you or home.

It may seem hard to believe, but there are many companies in the U.S. that export high quality Myanmar coffee. In fact, many of these companies do not even grow the coffee themselves. Instead, they simply hire employees from coffee-growing regions around the world and ship the coffee over when they are ready to sell it. This allows them to provide their customers with the freshest and highest quality product possible. Because of the many advantages of using suppliers from other countries, many people feel it is better to buy their regular coffee from suppliers rather than directly getting it from coffee plantations in Myanmar.

For example, some companies do not grow their own beans and only get their name certified from local producers when they ship their coffee. Others grow the beans themselves and then contract production out to other companies who specialize in making specialty blends. Still others buy only from legitimate producers, but purchase large amounts of coffee that is then blended together. Regardless of which method is used, however, it is important to understand that your coffee can only get as good as the water it is brewed in. Many companies that ship coffee from foreign countries will send you bottled water because they know you will like the taste. Myanmar coffee is much like the coffee you would brew at home, so if you don’t drink it often, purchasing it from a reputable company that grows it locally will give you the freshest and highest quality product.

In addition to having the freshest and highest quality beans, Myanmar coffee is also grown in an environmentally and sustainable way. Some farmers in this area go as far as planting trees to help create the right amount of shade for the coffee crops they harvest. Other farmers use organic methods and chemicals that do not affect the environment in any harmful way. The result is a product that not only tastes great but also has a very positive environmental impact.